SimplyRETS docs and examples

A RESTful API and WordPress plugin for powering your website with data from your MLS.

The SimplyRETS API and WordPress plugin give you a way to create real estate apps and websites with listings from your MLS. We believe it building tools that help you focus on building your business or product, without worrying about downloading, updating, and normalizing the data you need.

Below are links to documentation, examples, and topics to help you get started and up to speed quickly with the Developer API or WordPress plugin. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

WordPress Plugin

The SimplyRETS WordPress plugin is a plug-and-play solution to build a website with your MLS listings.

Visit the links below to check out the WordPress plugin user guide, live examples, and more:

Did you know? The SimplyRETS WordPress plugin is fully open-sourced! You can fork the code and make changes, or submit changes and issues to the official repository.

We will gladly merge your PRs and address your issues.

Developer API

The SimplyRETS developer API makes it simple to pull listings in from an MLS, with support for everything you’ll need to build your real estate app.

The Developer API has an abundance of resources, including interactive documentation, examples, and help topics. Browse the links below:

All of the help topics below are geared towards using the API, from getting started, to more advanced things like pagination. If you can’t find what you need, reach out any time.


Browse the topics below for examples, steps to debug common issues, and various other articles on being successful with the SimplyRETS API.

Fields and features for IDX compliance
Getting /properties metadata with an OPTIONS request
Paginating API responses with lastId
SimplyRETS API quick start from the CLI
Versioning API requests with media types

JavaScript/AJAX example

Listings API Tips and Tricks

Interactive map search tutorial

Pagination with limit and offset