The SimplyRETS API uses the Accept content type header to allow clients to control which version of the API they receive. API requests that set a specific content version will remain backwards compatible with future updates to the response body.

For this reason, we highly recommend setting an explicit media type when your application reaches production. As we release new features fixes the response body of the API may change, although we will always aim for non-breaking changes to respect the stability of existing application.

Setting a media type

To always use the latest SimplyRETS content version, simply use application/json in your application Accept header. If you want to pin your clients media type to a specific version, you can use the vendor-specific SimplyRETS media type, e.g. application/vnd.simplyrets-v0.1+json".

Viewing available media types

To view all valid content-types for making an OPTIONS, make a request to the SimplyRETS API root:

curl -XOPTIONS -u simplyrets:simplyrets

The default media types used in our API responses may change in the future. Setting a specific content version is the best way to ensure your application stays running years down the line.

Note: The SimplyRETS WordPress plugin automatically sets the Accept header for the compatible SimplyRETS media types.